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RC Resident TV


Resident TV

Communicating activities, news, and more directly to your residents home. Enabling you to personalize content per resident, resident group and resident location. As part of the platform you can send notifications directly to the residents viewing the Resident TV player.

Resident TV Player

  • Standard HDMI connection is used to connect to the Resident TV Player.  Enabling the use of any TV since 2006
  • Wireless is used for the Resident TV Player. No need to run cable
  • Residents Can Easily tune in by pressing the input on the TV remote control to your Resident Communicator Channel

Resident TV Content

  • Create content once and display/share it to residents and your digital signage as part of our communications platform
  • Share the content to all residents or to specific locations
  • Create customized content per resident, resident group or resident location

Resident TV Notifications

Send notifications directly to your residents TV as part of our notification platform.