Work with key employees, key partners and stakeholders to define audiences and develop strategies to reach every member of the community or organization.

  • Globally
  • Regionally
  • Community Based
  • Building Based
  • Specific Area
  • Specific Room

Locations are designed to be able to mirror your organizations physical layout as closely as you'd like.  They can be "nested" inside of one another, similar to folders on your computer.

Location Types

Location Types are designed to enable you to target multiple locations of a similar type and purpose.

Example: You could send a message to any location of the type "Assisted Living" regardless of physical location.

Locations can be assigned to any number of location types.  Example: Health Care, Senior Living, Assisted Living

Location Groups

Location groups are useful for creating collections of locations, typically for targeting notifications. You can add locations to a group one of two ways:

  • Individually, on a per-location basis
  • Collectively, based on location type

As an example, you may wish to create an "Employee-Only Areas" location group to send notifications just to staff.

This group could be linked to location types of "Maintenance Facilities", "Operations", and "Employee Housing".

In this example, when that location group is selected for a notification, all locations matching that location type (and all users assigned to those locations) would receive that notification.