Wide Digital Signs

Location Based Content

As part of our notification platform you can assign screens to specific locations that will enable you to send targeted notifications to specific screen locations.

Screen Orientation Support

Portrait or Landscape. Each playlist has an Aspect Ratio and an Orientation associated with it. This is used to ensure your content is only assigned to Devices with the same aspect ratio and orientation.

Global Screens

Allow you to play the content across any select screens. Global screens can be updated once at will be updated across all playlists showing that screen. Global screens can have individual duration and publish statuses depending on their playlist, but the content is shared across all.

Notification App Overlays

Being a part of our notification platform the notification app enables you to send a notification overlay directly to your screens for a visual notification.

Media Manager

Easily orgainize your media by creating category folders for your media storage. Upload, edit and delete media. With our smart media monitoring the system will alert you if you are trying to delete media that is currently in use.

Background Music

Allows you to create music play lists for background music that you can assign to playlists.

Scheduled Screens

Add slides to a playlist which only display during the time window specified. For example a lunch menu in the afternoon and a dinner menu in the evening, with a “we’re closed” message after hours.

Display Duration

Each screen in a play list is completely customizable for how long you want it to display in seconds.