Notification Smart Features

Notification Intelligence (Ni)

  • Global Routing
  • Location Level Routing
  • Group Membership Routing
  • Contact Type Routing
  • Location Identification
  • And More

Delivery Methods

  • Phone Calls
  • SMS/Text Message
  • Email
  • App
  • Digital Signage Screens

Location Intelligence (Ci)

  • Contact Location Assignment Validation
  • Screen Location Validation
  • Location Nesting
  • And More

Communication Intelligence (Ci)

  • Notification Template Creation
  • Smart Content Delivery Method Identification
  • Global Delivery Method Identification
  • Scheduled Notifications
  • Multi-Communication Delivery
  • And More

Notification Features Summary

Voice/Phone Calls



Mobile App

Digital Signage/Screens

Location Level Notifications

Location Based Group Notifications

Group Membership Notifications

Global Level Notifications

Contact Type Validation

Contact Multi Delivery Methods

Smart Content Delivery

Scheduled Notifications

Notification Templates

Cloud Based

Open Integration API

Redundant Infrastructure

Flexible Plan Options

Pay as You Go